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EarthCalm Eco Tec $39.00  

Specifications & Instructions: A 1” square peel-and-stick holographic device which contains proprietary Harmonic Balancing and a miniaturized Diamond Element (double pyramid). The Eco Tec is 1.5 mm thick. It may be placed on the inside of the battery cover of your cell phone or other wireless device. If there is not enough room in the compartment, you may carefully tape it to the outside of your phone and keep your cell phone in a case.

Most people are unaware that cell phones and other wireless devices are constantly sending out a signal when they are either in use or in receiving mode. The Eco Tec provides effective protection against these hazards from all wireless transmitters: cell phones, cordless phones, wireless routers, lap top computers, baby monitors, etc. Until now we have been reluctant to produce a product which gives the public a false sense of security regarding wireless protection. In particular, we have hesitated in regard to cell phone protection, because of the dangerous proximity of the phone to the person's brain. For this reason, we have consistently advised (and will continue to do so) minimizing time spent on mobile phones.

However, given the explosive number of wireless products now on the market and the ineffective protectors for them being produced, we felt compelled to develop what we believe is the best possible protection. While no one product can protect you 100% from wireless technologies, the Eco Tec far surpasses the aluminum chips, ceramics or cell bugs of the past.

Far from simply acting as a shield from wireless radiation, the Eco Tec actually uses the transmitter signal from your cell phone or other wireless transmitter to create a healing energy field based on the pyramid. When the wireless transmitter is in use, in receiving mode or is being charged, the hazardous radiation from it is transformed into a healing, protective pyramid energy field that extends approximately five feet all around the device. Many people who first install the Eco Tec notice a dramatic sense of clarity and relief due to the protective field created around them..

It would be irresponsible for any company to claim complete 100% protection from the dangers of cell phones or any other wireless devices when they are being held close to the brain, even with such a powerful device as the Eco Tec. It is still important to use the speaker phone of your mobile phone whenever possible. Better yet, use an air tube headset (no amplifier or antenna in the ear piece). A wired headset is preferable to a wireless ear piece, such as a Bluetooth. It is also a good idea, if you are holding your cell phone to your head to frequently shift it from one ear to the other. For cordless phones, you should consider Eco Tecs for each phone as well as for the base charging station. Be sure to leave the cordless phone in its battery charger when not in use.

Another important use for the Eco Tec is to protect yourself from wireless routers and laptop computers. An Eco Tec on your wireless router will offer protection during the day and especially during times of transmission. We still recommend that the wireless router be turned off at night. If your router does not have an on/off switch, then plug its AC cord into its own electrical strip that has an on/off switch. For protection against microwave radiation when your laptop is on, be sure to install an Eco Tec on the inside of your battery cover.

The responsibility falls on each one of us to use wireless technologies with respect and caution. In addition to the Eco Tec, EarthCalm discusses ways to reduce our exposure levels in our homes as well as while speaking on the phone. See our Self Help section – CELL PHONES/COMPUTER/WIRELESS to learn how to better protect yourself and your family.

Due to the high vulnerability of infants to EMFs, we do not recommend the use of baby monitors.

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