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EarthCalm Home Protector $159.00  

Specifications: Measures 2" x 2" x 2". In the USA, Canada and Mexico, may be plugged into any 3- hole outlet (or 2 hole with simple adapter) anywhere in the home to protect an entire house. Outside the USA, Canada and Mexico, a VOLTAGE adapter will NOT be necessary and should NOT be used. However, a simple PLUG adapter (not included) will be necessary. Upgrade with a second Home Protector to achieve the same protection strength of the Scalar Home Protection System. See our Q&A section for information on product technology.

EarthCalm Home Protectors use no electrical current. They introduce or modulate a series of antennas into the standing field in the home. This healing pattern is transferred to each living being in the home. The Home Protector is particularly important for children. Their nervous systems are more vulnerable to EMFs than adults and their exposure levels are high even at very young ages.

If your child is moderately or severely hyperactive, or you or a family member are electromagnetically sensitive, the Scalar Home Protection System is recommended. The System will allow for a more gradual adjustment period, thus avoiding uncomfortable detoxification.

The circuits in the EarthCalm Home Protector work as antennas as described in the "more details" page of the Scalar Resonator. The EarthCalm Protector utilizes the electrical law of resonance to amplify your connection to the earth, thus facilitating the flow of energy and information between you and the earth. Each of the EarthCalm circuits in the Home Protector mirrors an aspect of the structure of the earth's electromagnetic field. Energy and information is received, thereby strengthening your ground to the earth and giving you greater access to biologically-important information and healing.

The Home Protector will protect pets as well as humans.

To upgrade your protection to the fullest extent, purchase a second Home Protector at anytime and plug in anywhere in the house.

The Home Protector utilizes the principles of cyclotronic resonance as well as scalar resonance. The following information is included for those readers who desire a more detailed description of the how the Home Protector works.

The mechanism whereby electrical wiring appliances in the home impact your body's nervous system is explained by the principle of cyclotronic resonance. If two AC fields stand at right angles to each other (as in every corner in a house), and a DC field is present (as provided by the earth), then energy is actually transferred from the electrical wiring into the nervous system of people within the grid. This grid is always working in any electrified building whether current is being used or not.

What actually happens during the energy transference? Three things. First, stress hormones are generated by the person's adrenal system in response to the "assault" of AC electrical energy transfer. This energy has no biological function and is perceived by the body as an attack. Second, the immune system begins to collapse over time due to the constant subliminal stress. Third, the AC generated energy transference actually kicks spinning ions--specifically calcium, lithium, sodium and potassium--out of the cells where they regulate metabolism. The ions are ejected into the blood stream to either collect in joints or be inappropriately eliminated. AC electrical energy transfer thus disrupts normal cell metabolism.

Since these ions are essential for the proper functioning of the cells, this energy transference explains the well-documented phenomenon of calcium efflux. Calcium is ejected out of cells inappropriately into the blood stream in the presence of EMFs. How does this affect us? For example, the reduction of calcium and lithium in the cells might explain why EMF exposure contributes to ADHD and stress. Calcium and lithium are both required for mood stabilization and calmness. Thus protection from EMFs is helpful to people who suffer from arthritis (calcium imbalance), mood swings and depression (calcium and lithium depletion) and Alzheimer’s (potassium imbalance).

The EarthCalm Home Protector utilizes the same principle of cyclotronic resonance described above, in that it introduces a healing and grounding pattern into the home's EMF field that transfers into the human body. A pattern of circuits is modulated into the EMF field of the home by inserting it into the home's electrical system, and the nervous system of a person within the home receives the grounding pattern and is released from the stressful effect of the EMFs.

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