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EarthCalm Office Protector $159.00  

Specifications: Each individual Office Protector measures 2" x 2" x 2". In the USA, Canada and Mexico may be plugged into any 3 hole outlet (or 2 hole with simple adapter) anywhere in the office to protect any size area monitored by the same electrical meter. Outside the USA, Canada and Mexico a VOLTAGE adapter will NOT be necessary and should NOT be used, however a simple PLUG adapter (not included) will be necessary. See our Q&A section for information on product technology.

EMF protection is vital for people who work in an office environment, as this is where maximum exposure to EMFs usually occurs. Most business owners using our products report decreased absenteeism and a higher level of productivity. If you are a health professional the Office Protector will help put your clients at ease. Therapists might also find their clients more relaxed and open to insight and change.

An office EMF protection device should not, however, be the sole source of EMF protection. It is essential to also have continuous round the clock EMF protection such as that provided by the Scalar Resonator or the Scalar Home Protection System. This is because the nervous system naturally regenerates while you sleep making this the most vital time for protection.

EarthCalm office products use no electrical current, cost nothing to operate and generate no EMFs. They will last indefinitely. They will provide protection throughout the entire office as long as the office is covered under one electrical meter.

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