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EarthCalm Scalar Resonator $249.00  


Pendant Length: 1-3/4 inches with 24" sterling silver chain. The chain may be replaced with any satin, leather or material of your choice and may be decorated with other gems or beads.

Ankle Bracelet Length: 13-1/2 " 3mm sterling silver chain and two Resonators. Chain can be cut to fit your ankle. The ankle bracelet may be decorated with other gems or beads.

With over 25 years of expertise in EMF protection, EarthCalm has incorporated many technologies into our Scalar Resonance Technology™ EarthCalm products enhance the body's own ability to heal itself when freed from the constriction and stress generated by manmade emfs.

How It Works:

The circuits in the Scalar Resonator work as antennas that are based on the electrical law of resonance. Each EarthCalm circuit mirrors an aspect of the structure of the earth's electromagnetic field. The circuits/antennas in your Resonator vibrate in resonance to the earth. Your Biofield in effect has an earth antenna.

The primary benefit of the Scalar Resonator is to allow manmade radiation to dissipate or ground into the earth, thereby removing a constant source of stress from your nervous system. The energy and information exchange between you and the earth is enhanced, giving you greater access to biologically important information and healing. Our bodies have evolved in relationship to the earth's EMF field and use it for many biologically-timed signals. See our Q and A pages for more detail.

In addition to the law of resonance, EarthCalm also utilizes the electromagnetic law of scalar resonance to further amplify your electromagnetic immersion in the earth. The Scalar Resonator consists of matching EarthCalm circuits precisely so as to activate scalar resonance. A scalar wave is generated whenever one wave is matched in frequency and amplitude by another wave such that they cancel each other out. The result is not zero, but rather the activation of another dimension (which might by described as magnitude), which is non local (everywhere at once) and is theorized to be responsible for energy healing.

Personal Responses to the Scalar Resonator:

(1) Many people initially report a type of "rush" -- feelings of warmth, relaxation, tingling or lightheadedness coupled with an intensified sense of well-being or even a feeling of different parts of their bodies or different chakras (energy centers) "waking up." This intensified sense of being grounded can occur within an hour or two of putting on the Resonator. Some people may feel dizzy for a few moments when first putting on the Resonator.

(2) Some people may feel a brief period of calmness followed by nothing and then a sense of tension. When this happens, it is because the Scalar Resonator brings in so much healing energy all at once that your nervous system has a hard time adjusting--especially if you have a weakened immune system. Simply removing the Scalar Resonator for a few minutes or an hour at a time will allow the body to adjust with ease. We recommend that people with chronic illness or electrosensitivity begin with the Scalar Home Protection System, which consists of three progressive steps, so that your body has time to heal and adjust with ease at each level.

To get the full benefit of your Scalar Resonator, when you are using a cell phone or a wireless router in your home you might consider purchasing an Eco Tec to disable the microwave field such devices radiate. Please see our section on the Eco Tec to understand more how these microwave (wireless) transmitters work.

EarthCalm products never need recharging and are offered with a 90-day money-back guarantee to afford you the time to monitor the effectiveness yourself. Note and jot down your specific symptoms before wearing the Scalar Resonator and then review these several weeks later. EarthCalm products are an experience, healing is a process, and your best test is to compare for yourself the power of EarthCalm products.

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