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QuickEscape or ResQLadder - which ladder is right for you?

It's all a matter of length.

To choose the correct fire escape ladder you first need to work out which windows you plan to use as your exit points and then, for each window, it is simply a matter of deciding how many stories it is off the ground.

You need to take into account sloping ground. A front first floor window might be as high as a second story window at the back of your house. So make sure you factor in the actual height from the window to the ground.

Our QuickEscape Ladders come in 12 ft and 20 ft lengths. Our ResQLadders come in 35 ft and 50 ft lengths.

When in doubt, buy a longer emergency fire escape ladder!

HINT: mouse over the diagram to see which escape ladder is right for you!

Second Floor Fire Escape Ladders Fourth Floor Fire Escape Ladders
» Ladder Pack Second Floor
» Ladder Pack Second Floor Plus with Sleeves
» QuickEscape 12 FT
» QuickEscape 12 FT with Sleeves
» ResQLadder 35 FT
» ResQLadder 35 FT with Sleeves
» Standoff Kit -- 4 Pack
» Standoff Kit -- 8 Pack
Third Floor Fire Escape Ladders Fifth & Sixth Floor Flor Fire Escape Ladders
» Ladder Pack Third Floor
» Ladder Pack Third Floor Plus with Sleeves
» QuickEscape 20 FT
» QuickEscape 20 FT with Sleeves
» ResQLadder 50 FT
» ResQLadder 50 FT with Sleeves
» Standoff Kit -- 4 Pack
» Standoff Kit -- 8 Pack

Bold Industries Escape Ladders are made in the USA

At Bold Industries we appreciate the concern that you have for your family and your coworkers. We manufacture and distribute a complete assortment of Emergency Escape Ladders and are also currently working with a number of suppliers to bring you other Emergency Safety Products to help keep an unfortunate event from becoming a catastrophe.

Remember the most common path that a fire takes is also the path that people use to exit the upper floors of a building - the stairs. With most homes and many offices having only a single staircase, this can be both terrifying and deadly. This is why more and more people are keeping emergency escape ladders stored in the upper floors of their home and offices.

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